Preamble & Introductory Throat-Clearing


Welcome to our blog. Ben and I wanted to make a space to write about technologies related to iOS and Mac software development, as well as Nice Mohawk’s own projects. We thought responding to each other’s thoughts would help make what we write stand up to scrutiny, so most posts will have sections written by each of us. I’m hoping this format will make each of us sharper. Ben has another idea, too—that there are lots of “me too” blogs, and that we can somehow avoid making that particular mistake. But he can explain that better than I can.


And now this is Ben. Should we employ color tracking to keep you straight on who’s talking? I would pick chartreuse coloring for my words. Bob, most likely, would also pick chartreuse and this would then be a horrible place to visit. Lacking exploits in color tracking, I would like to use this blog to explore ideas about the world of technology that are, in a way, counterpoints to the trending opinion. The value of a post that states the writer likes the chamfered edges on the iPhone 5 seems small when compared to an article written to explore whether these chamfered edges cause old men in Ethiopia to tear out their beards in disgust. Thus, we will strive to provide content or narrative as part of each and every one of our posts.

Thank you and good night!

Ben: Did that go ok?

Bob: I think so. I’m watching season 2 of Girls, so I didn’t read your part.

Ben: …