Animating Constraints


✍ Update: Talk notes posted here.

In doing some research for a talk on Auto Layout at CocoaConf Chicago. I ran across some great resources. I’ll be posting some of them in the form of talk notes in the near future. However, one thing stuck out at me. Animating layout constraints is mentioned pretty much every time people talk about Auto Layout. However, it’s often either glossed over or is a lot of ugly code. So here’s what I do. Hopefully it’s useful to someone.

    @interface MyViewController ()
    @property IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint *animatedConstraint;


	self.animatedConstraint.constant = newValue;

	[UIView animateWithDuration:0.5 animations:^{
		[[self.animatedConstraint.fistItem superview] layoutIfNeeded];

Don't forget to connect your outlet in Interface Builder (or in code)!
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