Introducing a brand new Ita

Hi. We're happy to announce Ita 2.0, a completely redesigned app. We added new features like edit mode that make creating and editing lists easier than ever. And we've got the same great iCloud syncing to make sure your lists stay with you no matter where you go.

Add or complete items with a tap.
Seamless syncing with iCloud.
Edit and delete items as you wish.
Lists You Like.

Ita makes list-keeping better. We’ve made it really easy to mark stuff you’ve done, move items around, and keep track of everything you’d like to remember. Ita will make all sorts of list-keeping and note-taking quick, fun, and simple.

We designed Ita so that everything you need to do is just a tap away. Adding one or multiple items? Tap the plus button once, and you can add as many list items as you want just by pressing return. Want to move an item around? Just hold and drag it. Marking items as completed is just a tap.

Ita’s universal and retina-ready for iPad and iPhone, and supports full syncing through iCloud. The only thing we’re missing are check marks. That’s because Ita’s not a to-do list manager; Ita’s just the best list-making app we’ve ever used. (We’re biased.)

Download on the App Store

If you need to adjust Ita’s settings, tap the atom symbol in the upper left of the list of lists. Go there to turn iCloud on and off. If you have other questions, want to suggest new features, or are having any trouble, let us know by emailing or catching us on Twitter as @NiceMohawk. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Silhouettes Nice Mohawk

Ita was coded in Cleveland and Athens, Ohio, by Nice Mohawk Limited.