About Us

Robert Cantoni

Bob is a product manager who helps teams build amazing digital products. As product lead at Jelly, he led the creation of an innovative voice app, leading to a successful launch partnership on the Google Home. At Lovely, he led mobile teams creating a suite of map-based mobile apps for millions of renters; the underlying technology powers three brands and is still in use after five years. Bob started his career creating Ita, a list-making app for iPad and iPhone that pioneered early iOS patterns like drag-to-rearrange and swipe-able drawers for lists.

Bob creates products that tell a story and sweat the details on behalf of users.

Ben Lachman

Ben is an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience building technology products and the businesses based on them. His experience ranges from the minutia of creating high quality user experiences, to the needs of apps scaling to hundreds of thousands of users. On the business side, he’s developed revenue models, user analytics, sales funnels, and fundraising pitches. As a consultant, Ben has worked with west coast startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Ben loves products that create meaningful value, encourage creative experiences, and change our world.