Ita 2.0 Released to Customers Worldwide

ATHENS, Ohio—August 5, 2014—Nice Mohawk Limited today released the 2.0 edition of their flagship list-making application, Ita. The new release includes a complete modern redesign of the app and the addition of a new editing mode that allows for seamless in-line editing of multiple items. Ita is immediately available on the iOS App Store for $2.99.

“People love Ita because it lets you make lists and keep track of things,” said Robert Cantoni, Nice Mohawk’s co-founder. “Ita 2.0 is even better as it lets you edit items faster; also it looks nicer. We kept Ita’s price high so that we can fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming through money like Scrooge McDuck in his vault.”

Ita 2.0 still features list syncing over iCloud; it now requires iOS 7.0 or later. Ita’s icon has been redesigned to use an atom symbol, and settings have been moved into the app itself for easier access. Gone is the feature where lists would, like a paper list, show signs of age as they were used, which confused a few customers who thought their phones were dirty and/or that Nice Mohawk was attempting to hold their lists hostage. This release of Ita also adds a very nice editing feature: tapping list items while editing switches editing focus, making it possible to edit multiple items in quick succession. In addition to the new features, Ita 2.0 also improves its support for accessibility features and adds translations of the app into Traditional Chinese and Modern Greek.

Ita 2.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is available immediately and can be purchased from the App Store.

Ben Lachman and Robert Cantoni write iPhone and iPad apps with Nice Mohawk Limited. They also write an app called Ita. They sometimes have mohawks. They are very handsome.